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Huntingdon Primary School Library

     The new Huntingdon Primary School library is located at the front of the school adjacent the gym.  The collection consists of approximately 7500 books, including over 1300 Accelerated Reader (AR) books.

     The Accelerated Reader program improves reading comprehension.  Students take tests on AR books read and earn points.  Library Policies:

     Each student visits the library once a week for a 30 minute class time.  Students in second and third grade have extra AR books from the library in their room to encourage reading and AR participation.  Children are to bring the library book back from the previous week in order to check out a new book.  Children are responsible for books checked out and must pay for lost or damaged books.

     Book limit: 2nd and 3rd graders may check out two books-one AR book and one non-AR book each week or 2 AR books-their choice. Kindergarten and 1st grade students may check out 1 book each week. 

Carol Burgess, Librarian