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School Counseling

Mrs. Cindy Cole

September 10, 2010



What a wonderful time of year!  It is always great to begin a new school year with a nice clean building and well-rested students who are eager to learn!   We are off to the start of a great school year. Thank you for trusting us with the education of your child. Instilling a love of lifelong learning is our building goal.

My primary focus as counselor is the individual growth of your child.  All of the lessons will promote growth in one of three areas: academic, personal/social, or career.  Many of the lessons incorporate all three areas of healthy growth.

Our first unit will be based on a curriculum entitled "Too Good for Violence". This program is an anti-bullying workbook-based set that meets the state guidelines for an anti-bullying initiative. I feel that it well help our children get along and be mindful of the feelings of others.

Throughout the year, I will encourage fairness during play and being mindful of the feelings of other children.

Following this unit, we will begin a "Too Good for Drugs" Unit. Be sure and discuss guidance class with your child and reinforce the skills we practice there! 

I will be conducting individual and group counseling as the need arises.     You will receive a newsletter each six weeks.  Please call (986-3091) or come by if you have questions or need my help.

                                                                                         "Miss" Cindy Cole